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The World’s Best Hypermedia Guides On Impressionism  in Normandy

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Impressionist Motifs & Effects 

In Norman Country 

I might say that, loving Monet as he does, you could have told him that there was a marvellous Rembrandt not far away, a sublime Raphaël, he would not have raised an eyebrow, whereas if you told him about a river where Monet had done one of his sketches, he would have walked the whole length of it at the same inconvenient hours of the day that Monet painted it, to try to find the exact spot, the better to understand the parts that were real in one of Monet's canvases, or even perhaps what was so interesting and so real about this river that the expression of it creates a precious masterpiece, the better to understand Monet's thoughts upon seeing the thing that motivated him and to experience that from which he drew inspiration, what were the elements he needed so as to solve the problem.

PROUST Marcel. Jean Santeuil Fragments divers.

The World’s Best Hypermedia Guides on Monet Paintings In Giverny

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Impressionist Motifs  & Effects

Giverny, one hour from Paris, is one of the most popular destinations in France.... Why?

The reasons for visiting may vary.

To pay homage to Monet, the father of impressionism; a movement embracing almost all the arts (music, literature, cinema, sculpture) ?

To discover the motifs that inspired somme of the most famous paintings in the world ? 

Or,  like Marcel Proust to search for a time lost, where nature and man come together to bring us images of the beauty that surrounds us ?

This guide help you get the most from your visit and answers the questions above… but sometimes the answers are surprising.

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